If you are interested in selling Software as a Service (SaaS) products, you should have a SaaS reseller agreement sample on hand. A SaaS reseller agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions for reselling a SaaS product. It is a legal agreement that governs the relationship between the SaaS provider and the reseller.

Having a SaaS reseller agreement sample can be extremely beneficial for both parties. It ensures that each party understands their roles and responsibilities, as well as the implications of any potential legal issues that may arise.

The following are some key elements that should be included in a SaaS reseller agreement sample:

1. Products and Services: This section should provide a comprehensive description of the SaaS product being resold. It should include things like product features, benefits, and specifications. Additionally, it should outline any services that will be provided to support the product.

2. License Grant: This section should outline the scope of the license granted to the reseller for the use and resale of the SaaS product.

3. Eligibility: This section should detail the eligibility criteria for becoming a reseller, including any requirements for technical knowledge or past experience.

4. Payment Terms: This section should specify the payment terms and conditions between the provider and the reseller. It should include the amount of the commission, payment frequency, and payment method.

5. Marketing and Promotion: This section should outline the marketing and promotional activities that the reseller is expected to conduct on behalf of the provider.

6. Intellectual Property: This section should detail the intellectual property rights of both parties, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

7. Confidentiality: This section should outline the confidentiality requirements of both parties. It should specify what information is considered confidential and how it will be protected.

8. Termination: This section should detail the circumstances under which either party can terminate the agreement, including a notice period and any other relevant provisions.

Overall, a SaaS reseller agreement sample is an essential component of a successful SaaS resale partnership. It ensures that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities, and it protects both parties in the event of any legal issues. By having a clear and comprehensive agreement in place, both the SaaS provider and the reseller can benefit from a successful and profitable partnership.